Polaris RANGER

6×6 of 6 wheels.

Camera Quad Tracking Vehicle

  • Tech Specs:
    _Suitable for asphalt and offroad.
    _Front platform: 140 cm x 60 cm
    _Back platform: 150cm x 90cm
    _Width 150 cm
    _Large 320 cm
    _Fully equipped for fast rigging of any type of camera, steadycam and small mounts (it doesn´t include grip material or grips.)
    _Front platforms: 30, 40 ó 60cm x 170cm
    _Optional small low loader
    _Painted in Matt Black
    _Driven by a Precision Driver.
  • Speed: Top Speed 70 km/h
  • Ideal for: City, fields, beach, road, etc. Tracking vehicles, persons, bicycles, skates,
    sportsmen in confined areas

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