With 2 rear axles

Turbocharged 2.4l, 170CV

  • Tech Specs:
    _Agile, quick and very low
    _Hydraulic Suspension
    _Distance between floor and front platforms, back or wings: 25cm
    _Distance between floor and principal base of work: 50cm
    _Front, back, lateral platforms and roof platforms are exchangeable
    _Roof Platform: 1,5m x 2,0m
    _Front platforms: 30, 40 ó 60cm x 170cm
    _Painted in Matt Black
    _Fully equipped for fast rigging of any type of camera, steadycam, a small crane (smaller than a scorpio) and mounts (tubes included.)
    _Space for mobile set in movement really low
    _We recommend to use a genny of max 2,5 Kw
    _Driven by a Precision Driver.
  • Speed: Top Speed depending on rig.
  • Ideal for: Tracking vehicles, photography, tracking inner city, narrow streets, limited
    spaces, etc … Ideal for tracking with lights

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