Ultra MotoCrane + Camera Car Ateca Cupra 350CV LTD. Edition
Drone Inspire 2 + X7 Camera 6K DNG/5.2K ProRes + 4 Lenses 16-24-35-50mm F2.8
MōVI XL + Wheels NoDo 3 axes/Movi Controller
3 people: Crane & Drone Pilot / Drone Cam. Op./ Camera car Pilot

Some advantages of our FAST Pack

3 services available the same day with only one provider :

  1. Ultra Crane
  2. Drone
  3. MōVI XL (DJI Ronin 2 in option for smaller setup).

The result is saving in human resources with only 3 people on set :

  • Drone pilot operates the crane arm.
  • Camera operator operates drone and Ultra Crane cameras.
  • Precision driver get always the Ultra Crane ready to shot.

We also save in equipment logistics as we only need 2 vehicles on location :

  • Camera car
  • Support van

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