Electrically powered tracking

  • Tech Specs:
    _8 hours on a full charge and more than 12 hours standby
    _Silent operation allowing close sound recordings
    _Maximum load of 500kg
    _Front platform: 70cm x 110cm
    _Back platform: 110cm x 115cm, 35cm x 60cm
    _Maximum width: 115cm. Maximum length 240cm
    _Fully equipped for quick rig of any type of camera, steadycam or small rigs
    (it doesn’t include grip material or grip personnel.)
    _Painted in Matt Black
    _Driven by a Precision Driver.
  • Speed: Top Speed: 40km/h in all the conditions. Great acceleration
  • Ideal for: Inner city, pedestrianized zones, sports arenas, airports, anywhere where a
    petrol engined vehicle is not allowed

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